The Top 3 Customer Segments You Need

The Top 3 Customer Segments You Need

Segmentation is key when it comes to your email marketing success. It will allow you to send better targeted emails to those groups of customers.


Let's take the car industry for example. Here are some quick segments that come to mind if our car dealership was an online store.

Car Company Segments + Example Content:

- Looked at cars and didn't buy: This would be our abandoned cart sequence. Send them content related to the cars they looked at.

- Purchased a truck: These people would get such as "top trails to visit around Florida", "deals on lift kits", "headlight bars for hunting".

- Purchased a hybrid: Send this environmentally conscious consumer other energy-saving tips, special care tips for their hybrid, and of course deals on the latest hybrid coming out next year.

- Leases a new car ever two years: Emails to send this customer could be "best way to care for your leased car", "monthly maintenance reminders", or "it's almost time to trade in" a few months before their lease is up.


I can't break down every possible segment in one article, so I'll share my top 3 with you.

YOU. NEED. THESE. SEGMENTS. Your email success depends on it.

Or just hire me, and I'll take care of the heavy lifting for ya 😉


Segment #1: People who have bounced an email, unsubscribed, or marked your emails as spam.

Make sure you aren't sending emails to these people, exclude them from all of your campaigns. They've said they don't want to receive emails from you, so respect that wish. No biggie, plenty of other fish in the sea that will love to get your emails.


Segment #2: Purchased Within The Last 7 Days

Look, we love these people. They just spent their hard earned money on your store so treat em right! But...

I usually exclude this group from any sales emails. They might have paid full price, and will be disappointed that they could've gotten it for cheaper (they might even ask for a refund).

Or it was their first order on your site, and they're currently going through your thank you sequence. Let's not bombard them with sales emails on top of that.


Segment #3: Potential Purchasers

These are the people who have engaged with you in some way, but just haven't pulled the trigger yet to make their first purchase. It's good to get a little more aggressive with your discounts/sales tactics to get these people to follow through and make that purchase. Once they try your product, they'll love it! They just need that first initial push. 

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