Client Results

A lot of marketers will talk a big game, but how many of them actually give you a peek under the hood? I'm a big believer in transparency, both for my clients and for anyone browsing my site.

Here are a few of the results I've achieved for a wide range of industries. Each brand is unique, so I tailor all of the flows and campaigns based on their products, profit margins, audience, lifetime value, average order value, and more.

These results continue to grow and improve month over month as I do additional A/B testing that allows me to dial in the perfect mixture of campaigns and flows for their audiences.

45% of Revenue From Email:

This clothing brand has a dedicated fan base. They do a great job engaging with their community, and hyping up their monthly product launches. I focus on giving their customers free content, creating eye-catching email designs, and creating a sense of urgency around their launches. These factors combined brought in 45% of revenue from email marketing. 

Selling Premium Products:

Selling high ticket items has a completely different strategy compared to lower priced impulse buys. I specifically crafted the email and SMS strategy for this brand to give that luxury feel, show off the influencers and celebrities who also use their products, and show the craftsmanship that goes into every piece of jewelry. 

A Beauty Brand's Best Friend:

I lovvvvve working with products that are repurchase-able. Supplements, beauty products, and clothing are all excellent examples of industries that thrive with email and SMS. The focus for this brand is keeping their customers engaged between orders, getting them to try new products, and the biggest hack ever is... getting them to post on social and tag the brand! One note for this brand - you'll notice that this revenue is "only" 23% from email compared to their total revenue, that's because another 16% comes from the SMS side of things with Attentive.