How To Reply To A Pissed Off Customer (Late Packages)

How To Reply To A Pissed Off Customer (Late Packages)

Unfortunately late packages are becoming more and more prevalent as more shoppers are going online. Most customers understand this, and can wait the extra few days; while some will bombard you with emails, blaming YOU for their package being late.

Here are two great templates that'll save you the time of typing out a response whenever a customer emails you. The first is for late packages, and the second is for when tracking shows it as delivered, but the customer says they never got their shipment. Show them the human side of your business, explain the reason for the delay, and don't let these negative emails get ya down.


Late Packages Reply:


I'm (YOUR NAME), (YOUR POSITION) here at (YOUR COMPANY). First and foremost, thank you so, so much for supporting our small business. It has been a challenging couple of months for the entire world, but thanks to you, we are still standing. We cannot express our gratitude enough!

You trusted me and my team with your order and I promise we are working around the clock to get it shipped out quickly. What I can’t promise is that USPS will be able to deliver it on time.

The post office is dealing with volumes and challenges like they’ve never seen before. It’s not only YOUR BRAND NAME , but almost every company in the US is facing these types of delays.

Your order will be delivered. But there’s a chance that it might be a little later than normal during this very abnormal year.

To help answer some questions you might have, I’ve compiled answers to some FAQ that we’ve been seeing recently:

  • I wish we had more detailed tracking information to share, but we see the same tracking updates you receive.
  • Tracking information is typically updated once every 1-3 days, usually after midnight.
  • Your tracking information may not show updates for a few days due to delays and USPS not scanning in packages for faster processing. Your package is likely safe, sound, and on its way to you.
  • If your tracking number shows your order was delivered but you didn’t receive it, please give it up to 3 business days to show up. Packages can accidentally get scanned as delivered or go to the wrong address but they almost always show up. If after 3 days there is no package, please contact us and we’ll make sure that you get taken care of.

I hope that provides some clarity around the status of your order. If you have any further questions that weren’t addressed above, please respond to this email and I'm happy to help.

Thank you so much for your patience and understand NAME.




Tracking Says Delivered Reply:

A quick note: I like to see the good in humans, but there are of course some bad apples in the bunch. Some people will email you saying it's lost, hoping to get another free package sent their way. This email generally make them give up, and the people with a genuine concern/question will follow up.

Another quick note: Shopify has the default notification set up to email customers when their packages are marked as delivered. For my own store I have turned off both the "out for delivery" and the "delivered" auto notifications. In my opinion, they cause more trouble than they're worth.


Hey (NAME),

I just checked the tracking for you. According to USPS it was delivered (INSERT INFO FROM USPS) ex: "in/at mailbox" today around 2 pm to this address.


Sometimes USPS can be a little premature with their scans and it shows up slightly later. If the package is missing, or you think it was stolen, USPS offers an option to submit a request or file a claim. Below is the link to do this. They can usually help you track it down if there was a tracking error.

If you need anything else on my end to help you track it down let me know!



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