A Free Tool For Visualizing Your Email and SMS Flows

A Free Tool For Visualizing Your Email and SMS Flows

Visualize Your Marketing With This Free Tool

If you're focusing on growing your brand with both email and SMS marketing, I highly recommend taking the time to ensure both channels tie in together seamlessly.

What does this mean?

Both sets of flows should match your brand's voice, the timing should be planned out so your customer isn't getting double notified, and while each flow serves a unique purpose, every touchpoint should have a specific goal.

The Problem

I see a lot of Klaviyo and PostScript accounts that have been built over time, with the owner making tweaks/adjustments when they have new ideas, or they see a recommendation for something they should add in. When the structure gets built without a big picture approach, the email + SMS flows can fall out of sync and won't drive as much revenue as they could be doing if they were optimized.

If you're thinking "this kinda sounds like me, how do I organize my flows", I've got the perfect solution for you (and it's FREE). While I love Google Sheets and my old fashion pen & paper notebook, I've found a site that's perfect for letting you visualizing all of your flows.

The Solution

I use Diagrams.net to draw out and visualize the flows. It's very user-friendly, and you can have your entire flow structure built out in 2-3 hours. From here, it's up to you to find out where any gaps may be, or how you can redesign your flows to stay in touch with your customers.

When I'm designing a diagram, I break it down by the various customer touch points, and assign a color to each type of flow (email = green, SMS = blue).

Potential customer touch points can be:

- Visits Site

- Shows Interest (fills out popup, add to cart, browse abandoned, views product)

- Places Order

- Post Purchase Actions

- Replenish/Reorder/Win Back

Another thing I love about this site is that you can be as simple, or as detailed as you'd like. Below is an example diagram showing the various email + SMS flows, but you could also include subject lines, timing between touch points, A/B testing, revenue per flow, or anything else you think would be relevant to your brand.


Example Email + SMS Marketing Flow Chart

This is a flow chart of how I visualize SMS + email marketing for my clients. Click the links below to see 1-minute breakdown of the chart, or the more detailed 9-minute breakdown.

The 1-Minute Version


The 9-Minute Deep Dive


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