Ecommerce Marketing Services

Fully Transparent Pricing:

How many companies actually tell you what they charge up front? My guess would be zero that you've found so far...

Instead, they want to drag you through the "traditional" sales process. You know the process I'm talking about... they'll say "let's hop on a call and I'll go over pricing then".

You take time out of your busy day to sit through a 30 minute pitch, and at the very end they hit you with the price. Why do they do this?

- They're going to raise their price the higher your revenue is.

- They've got some slick sales person who handles the calls, and then some backend guy you never meet is the one actually doing your emails.

- They spend the majority of their time on pitching calls, instead of actually working on their client's accounts.

I'll save us both the time by providing you all of the information up front.


Fully Managed Email + SMS Combined: $7,500/month (save $1,000/month)

This is the best option for brands that want to get the highest ROI possible (and save some money while doing do). With this option, I'll fully manage both your email marketing and SMS channels.

Allowing me to manage both of these will ensure you have a consistent voice/messaging across both channels, and the timelines will be perfectly in sync. The strategy I'll put in place will insure someone isn't getting the same message at the same time on both channels (like a double abandoned cart notification). We can utilize both of these channels to get you the best return.


Fully Managed Email Marketing: $5,000/month

With this plan, you're getting a Klaviyo certified expert that will fully manage all of your email marketing. I'll work hand in hand with your to nail your brand voice and get design feedback as I build each flow/campaign. With your new email marketing strategy, you'll see a significant amount of additional revenue, higher LTV's, and happier customers.

These prices are backed by a guarantee that I'll bring in more revenue than the cost for my services, giving you a positive return on your investment. Most of my clients are seeing 25%+ of their revenue coming from email, resulting in a 5x to 40x return for my services.

Fully Managed SMS Marketing: $3,500/month

SMS is a quickly growing (and very lucrative) form of marketing. I'm a PostScript certified partner, and I can help you be one of the first brands in your industry to capitalize on this channel.

There are some important subtleties to SMS involving compliance and the way you're communicating with your customers. My personalized approach will have a conversational tone that will make your customers feel like they're talking with one of their friends.

"I'm Just Starting And Can't Afford Anything": $0

If you're a brand new store owner, I'd like to say welcome to the exciting world of ecommerce! If you're only doing a few thousand dollars a month in revenue, to be completely honest, hiring me doesn't make sense. My services are better suited for stores doing at least $50,000/month in revenue, so the additional revenue I bring in covers the cost of hiring me (and then some).

But I don't want you to leave here empty handed. I recommend checking out these articles I've written from my experience in the ecommerce + email marketing world. These include various tips and tricks I offer for free that you can implement for your online store.

You can also scroll down to subscribe to my email list. I'll pass along any useful ecom/email tips that I come across while I'm working.