Your Email Marketing Pro

So who am I, and why should you hire me to manage your email marketing?

I'm an ecommerce owner myself, and I know how hard it can be running a business and trying to do everything yourself. The to-do lists seem endless, and the hiring process is a headache (especially when that hire ends up losing you money).

Out of all of the aspects of ecom, email marketing quickly became my favorite and I've spent the last 6 years becoming a true expert and industry leader. All of my client's that have trusted me to take over their email marketing are absolutely crushing it.

So what else would you like to know about your future revenue-generating machine, aka me?

- I live in Tampa, so go Buccs and go Bulls

- My clients are getting 25% or more of their total revenue from email marketing

- I take the time to fully understand your market and your brand voice. Your customers will be thrilled every time they see your brand's name pop up in their inbox

- One thing I'd like to stress is I'm not an agency. You're getting my full personal attention to help build your email marketing revenue. This streamlines the process and allows me to fully focus on helping you grow

- Being in ecommerce for so long has helped me built up a solid network of friends and associates. Need a recommendation for fb ads, google ads, amazon management, website design, or a photographer? Just ask and I'll gladly pass on their info

- Fitness and health has always been a lifelong passion for me (hence the supplement company I own). When I'm not helping my clients dominate their email marketing, I'm usually running, lifting, cycling, golfing, playing tennis, disc golfing, or doing some kind of activity outdoors

- I've got a big ole pup named Tilly, she's a Great Pyrenees + Bernese Mountain dog and weighs about 130 lbs