Social Media Management

Your Expert Social Media Manager:

I specialize in email & SMS marketing, but I also want you to have an active social media presence to help you boost your overall marketing strategy! Since I'm on my laptop all day, I also offer social media management for businesses.

Have you ever been working and suddenly realized "shoot, I haven't posted anything to IG or FB in a week". Or you periodically log into your dashboard and realize customer questions/comments have gone unanswered for too long (and potentially lost you a sale)?

If so, this managed social media option is perfect for you! You can focus on the bigger picture tasks for your company while I help you with the daily grind.

IG + FB Management: $1,000/month

Sit back and watch the likes, followers, and sales roll in. Here's what you'll get with me managing your social media channels.

4-5 Posts Per Week On Facebook

4-5 Posts Per Week On Instagram

Daily Dashboard Checks: I'll check your comments/messages across both platforms and respond to them. This shows potential customers that you're an active brand, and it shows your current customers/followers that you genuinely want to interact with them!

Page Optimization: I'll help your brand look more attractive to customers on both platforms, and update it with any new pertinent information.

Access To Stock Images: If your brand doesn't have a ton of assets to work with, that's okay! I'll pay for eye catching stock images that are relevant to your brand that we can mix in with your brand's pics. This saves you $100/month from having to pay for these images yourself.



Where do the images come from? It's best if you have a brand DropBox/Google Drive that I can pull images from. I can also turn customer reviews into images, find pictures that your brand is tagged in, and you'll have access to tens of thousands of stock images.

Do you use a scheduler? No, I'll make your posts manually! I've seen IG/FB throttle back organic reach when posts come from a 3rd party scheduler, so I do them manually each day to help you reach as many people as possible!

How do you respond to comments? I'll match your brand's voice and tone when responding to comments and messages. 95% of the time I can find an answer to their questions, but sometimes I'll have to forward you specific ones like "where's order #1234 at".

Do you take pictures? Nope, but I can refer you to some excellent photographers!