Real Client Results

Here are a few case studies and results I've gotten for my clients. Each brand is unique, so I tailor all of the flows and campaigns based on their industry, AOV, product lifecycle, customer avatar, and more. These results continue to grow and improve month over month as I do additional A/B testing, and dial in the perfect mixture of campaigns and flows for their audiences.

45% of Revenue From Email:

This clothing brand has a dedicated fan base. They do a great job engaging with their community, and hyping up their monthly product launches. We focus on giving them free content, creating eye-catching email designs, and creating a sense of urgency around their launches. These factors combined brought in 45% of revenue from email marketing.


From 0% to 29% in 2 Months:

This hand-made goods brand had never properly utilized email marketing before. After doing some extensive research on their industry, I dove in to start the initial phases of segmenting the audience, sending consistent campaigns, and setting up the necessary flows. After one month of working with me their revenue from email grew to 16%, and within 2 months it was at 29%.



A Smooth Transition From Mail Chimp To Klaviyo:

This candle company came to me looking to switch from Mail Chimp to Klaviyo. Within a few weeks we had them fully switched over and had all of the necessary flows up and running. After one month of working with me, they got $62,000 in revenue email marketing. Factoring in the cost of my services, this is getting them a 25x return on their investment in email marketing.



Improved Deliverability & Campaign Revenue:

This "adult toy" store was running campaigns before I came on board, but they were just blasting them to their whole list. After implementing customer segmentation, cleaning up the list, and improving the campaigns, we're now seeing a 300% increase in open rates, and a large portion of their sales are coming through these campaigns. Deliverability and account health are key factors to your email marketing success, and it's one of the main things I focus on for all of the brands I manage.




More Revenue With No Additional Ad Spend:

This is a knife brand who is unable to advertise on Facebook + Instagram due to the policies of those platforms. This makes email marketing even more critical for them, since paid social media marketing isn't an option. After using my services for two months, they are now seeing an extra $18,000/month in revenue from email marketing, and that number is continuing to grow month over month.


A Detailed Approach For This Athleisure Subscription Company:

When it comes to messaging, you want to make sure you're getting specific with your targeting. This brand has 3 different subscriptions, so I worked with them to build multiple flows based on which subscription the customer signs up for. We all focused on content-based campaigns to keep their subscribers engaged to help with retention. To get more signups each month, we also built a calendar focused on the cutoff time to subscribe to get those last minute signups!