Email + SMS Marketing Combined

Fully Managed Email + SMS Combined: $5,000/month (save $1,000/month)

This is the best option for brands that want to get the highest ROI possible (and save some money while doing do). With this option, I'll fully manage both your email marketing and SMS channels.

Allowing me to manage both of these will ensure you have a consistent voice/messaging across both channels, and the timelines will be perfectly in sync. The strategy I'll put in place will insure someone isn't getting the same message at the same time on both channels (like a double abandoned cart notification). We can utilize the SMS channel as your "VIP Customers" and give them first dibs on new product launches.

Your email marketing + SMS marketing should seamlessly tie in with each other. This means a consistent voice across both channels, syncing the offers so they aren't getting repeat messages, and you have to dial in the timing. When these two marketing channels tie in together, it's a powerful machine. But when they don't, it can leave your customer confused. Here's a behind the scenes look at how I tie in email marketing + SMS marketing for my brands.

Email + SMS Marketing Should Compliment Each Other

This is a flow chart of how I tie in SMS + email marketing for my clients. Click the links below to see 1-minute breakdown of the chart, or the more detailed 9-minute breakdown. And below that is a link to the free site that you can always use to visualize your flows!

The 1-Minute Version


The 9-Minute Deep Dive


The Free Flow Chart Website